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Welcome To Biogrow

Thank you for visiting our website.

On behalf of the Biogrow (TH) Co., Ltd., I would like to welcome you to our website, where we hope we can provide you and your loved ones with solutions for a better well-being and  a worthy maintenance of good health and quality of life.  Too many times there have been regrets in not having done the due diligence essential to protecting one’s  health and even longevity. It is our belief that with good health comes happiness.  Without good health, wealth and success can be incomplete.

Our solutions are simple, straightforward and more importantly, safe.  They are mainly nature-derived products that have proven to be effective with no side-effects. The range covers basic generic products that most of you will be familiar with to products that are more innovative and cater to individual needs, from health to beauty.

All it needs is for your resolution to reaching your optimum health and well-being.

Please take your time in browsing through our website and do not  hesitate to contact us at any point in time, should you have any queries.

Thank you once again, and wishing you and your loved ones good health and happiness.

With Best Regards,

Visid Kavalee
Biogrow (TH) Co., Ltd.


Products Overview

Many factors such as bad eating habits, breathing toxic air, pathogens,  stress, chemical reactions in our bodies, and even just a busy lifestyle affects the body’s own system of detoxification, causing it to malfunction. All of these add to extra waste and toxins within the body which disrupts our natural detoxification process.
Why do we need to focus on cardiac care? It the fatalities from heart related diseases are increasing every year. The cause of heart diseases is usually coronary arteriosclerosis,  or the presence of fat formation on the artery walls that affect the transport blood to the heart.
Bone and joint diseases cause inflammation and develop slowly over time. They cause the joints to stop working and can severely limit or disable your ability to walk . It can cause major suffering to you both physically and mentally. There are several factors that cause bone and joint diseases - this involves your diet and lifestyle, amount of rest you get, your mental health, and your environment.
For young women in their prime whatever their shade of skin color - white, yellow, dark, or honey colored, their skin is smooth and vibrant. However, with the passing of years, the skin will naturally start to lose its firmness, wrinkles start to show up, along with roughness and dryness. This may even make your skin look older than your real age!
Being slimmer, more energetic, stronger, well proportioned, well dressed, better looking and younger all seem to be what contemporary men and women of all ages want today. But with the increased pace of life, fast food, and added stress at work, eating has become a reward after a long day in itself. If over-eating is not quickly controlled, seeing oneself in the mirror could become a nightmare!


"Nutrients from vitamins and minerals are now fully recognized by consumers as a vital and safe component of good health. Vitamins and minerals are taken by both healthy people an sick patients with the aim to keep the body healthy.